Summerset™ (MAIA 12 cv. USPP 29,213 P2)

Summerset™ (MAIA 12 cv.  USPP 29,213 P2)

MAIA 12 cv.  USPP 29,213 P2

Origin: Honeycrisp x Fuji
Harvest Date: With Honeycrisp
Observations from test orchards:
• Matures late August-early September
• Long harvest and storage windows compared to other late summer varieties
• Easier to consistently produce than Honeycrisp
• Crispy texture, pleasant flavor with sugar-acid balance
• Regular shape, large-sized fruit (3 in-3.5+in)
• Red/pink color, more green on younger trees
• Modest tendency toward biennial bearing
• Easily thins to one fruit per spur
• Fireblight susceptibility but not mortality