RubyMac® ((BT 1035, B. Thome McIntosh cv.) USPP 19,891)

(BT 1035, B. Thome McIntosh cv.) USPP 19,891 RubyMac® is a completely red, blushed Mac. It has no tendency to stripe and colors to a bright, ruby red finish on virtually the entire apple. RubyMac® has outstanding firmness, drop resistance, and a vibrantly beautiful...

Roseland Red™ Honeycrisp (Simmons cv., PPAF)

Simmons cv., PPAF Roseland Red™ Honeycrisp is a beautiful red strain of Honeycrisp that colors exceptionally well in the heat and really shines in cooler climates. It has that great Honeycrisp flavor and crunch with a typical Honeycrisp tree.

RedRidge™ Gala (AB 1088cv., PPAF)

AB 1088cv., PPAF RedRidge™ Gala is an ex-citing new introduction from International Plant Management that is an almost 100% red blush. It colors very early, and develops into a deep red blush that can’t be beat.

Premier™ Honeycrisp (DAS-10 cv. USPP 24,833)

DAS-10 cv. USPP 24,833 Premier Honeycrisp™ DAS10 cv. is a complete tree sport of Honeycrisp that matures three weeks earlier than its parent variety. Premier Honeycrisp™ shares many of the same attributes of the original Honeycrisp.

Aztec Red Fuji™ (DT2 cv.)

DT2 cv. The Red Fuji strain! Aztec is the No. 1 Red Fuji planted today with its red blush the standard color for all Red Fuji selections. Aztec is considered by many the best coloring Red Fuji on the market. The deep pinkish-red hue delivers in even difficult-to-color...