Mazzard (Prunus Avium)

Prunus Avium A fibrous root system makes Mazzard a good choice for wet and heavy soils. Mazzard is the most popular cherry rootstock grown in North America. It is generally more vigorous than Mahaleb, especially in poorer soils.

Krymsk® 5

USPP #15,723 Reduces tree size by 20% to 30% compared to those grown on Mazzard. Non-suckering trees. The rootstock is precocious and compatible with all cherries. Sensitive to Prunus ringspot & Prunus dwarf virus.

Gisela® 6 ((148-1 cv.) USPP #8954)

(148-1 cv.) USPP #8954 A heavy bearing workhorse, producing a tree that is 65% the size of Mazzard in the East and 90 to 95% the size of Mazzard in the West. Good bacterial canker resistance and very good virus tolerance. GI®6 requires support for its heavy crop loads...

Gisela® 5 ((148-2 cv.) USPP #9622)

(148-2 cv.) USPP #9622 A popular introduction in Germany, this rootstock produces a very precocious tree approximately half the size of trees grown on Mazzard rootstock. It produces an open, spreading tree with wide angles. It is quite virus tolerant and does well in...

Gisela® 12 ((195-2 cv.) USPP #9631)

(195-2 cv.) USPP #9631 GI®12 produces an open, spreading, stocky tree with wide soil adaptability. This stock is very precocious and productive with good virus resistance and no suckering. A very well anchored stock, GI®12 may not require support in all...